The Garden of Remembrance at Ainsdale was dedicated at Easter 1999. The purpose of the Garden is to provide a focal point in Ainsdale for the ashes of loved ones to be scattered *  The Garden is set in a quiet and peaceful location and provides opportunity to lay flowers and visit at appropriate times.

Ashes are usually placed in the ground during a short service and although the Church Council made a decision not to use name plaques to mark the location of loved ones however granite stones can be placed in the ground as a personal marker.

Many people also choose to put shrubs or plants around the area around which their loved ones are placed.

The amount of time between a cremation and ashes being scattered is a very personal thing and is different in every situation. Usually it is done in the period between a month and a year following cremation but there are no hard and fast rules.

Book of Remembrance

The Garden is also linked to the Book of Remembrance which is kept in Church and inscriptions in this can be arranged.

To have an inscription entered in the book please download this  book of remembrance form which should be completed carefully and either handed or sent to Lucy Lloyd-Disley c/o the Church Office accompanied by a cheque for the correct amount (see fees) payable to Ainsdale Methodist Church.

There is a copy of a sample inscription, which has been given to us by the suppliers, on the accompanying order form.

There is no earliest date so if you wish to have an inscription for someone who died some time ago it is quite acceptable.

There is no limit to the number of inscriptions you can have but each one is limited to three lines as per the prescribed format. Each separate entry must be on its own order form and be accompanied by the fee.

Please remember to state the date on which you wish the entry to appear.

The first two lines of the inscription follow a set format i.e. a name with dates.
The first letter of the name will be in
The third line is for a personal dedication limited to twenty four characters including the spaces and punctuation.

* Ashes are placed into the ground using a brass scatterer. Unfortunately we are not able to bury caskets.


  • There are no set charges for the service or the burial of ashes.
  • However if you require marker stones a fee of £20 will be charged.
  • If you require a tree or plant placing in the ground a fee of £10 will be charged in addition to the cost of the plant.
  • The fee for an  inscription in the Book of Remembrance  is £30.00

If you have any queries or require further assistance please contact:

Lucy Lloyd-Disley

Section Administrator

Ainsdale Methodist Church

Tel: 07484608675


Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm

Book of Remembrance Application Form