Easter Reflection – Holy Saturday, Messy Church Bread Making

Messy Church Bread Making Dear Friends I'm so sorry we have not been able to meet for Messy Church this Easterand especially for Messy Church Bread Making.  Following this link andyou can join me at home making Easter People  The recipe is attached.Have fun, be Messy!...

Revd Patrick Evans Wednesday 8th April.

Dear Friends,Please see attached a reflection for Wednesday of Holy Week.  I'll bedirecting you to other contributors on Thursday and Friday.  I'll beback on Saturday.  If you want to watch the youtube clip I mention inthe reflection you can do so at...

Revd Patrick Evans Tuesday 7th April

Dear FriendsI've posted a short reflection for Tuesday in Holy Week.  You can view ithere...God blessPatrick

Revd Patrick Evans 6th April

Dear FriendsI've posted a short reflection for Monday in Holy Week.  You can view ithere...Having viewed it you may want to watch a short clip of Terry Waite'sexperience of lockdown, and about valuing each...


Ainsdale Methodist Church is a warm, friendly, caring Church at the heart of the Ainsdale Community. Our mission statement is to share locally and globally in the whole Church’s purpose of the worship of God and the care of people. We aim to do this through our varied programme of worship, study and fellowship activities and through the work of the Care Scheme sponsored by Ainsdale Methodist Church.

Worship times:
Our usual times of worship are 10.45am (Holy communion usually the first Sunday of the month), 6.30pm – Holy Communion usually second Sunday of the month, and 9am – Holy Communion usually on the third Sunday of the month.

Where we are:
Ainsdale Methodist Church is by the Village Green on Liverpool Road at Ainsdale. View Location Map This site has been designed to comply with the safeguarding guidelines of the Methodist Church. Details of the guidelines can be found on the Methodist Church Website.





The membership at Ainsdale Methodist Church firmly believe that Church premises should be used seven days a week, not just on a Sunday. To support this belief we have four rooms available for hire which will cater for gatherings of from 8 to 150 people. The rooms are available for one session or repeated sessions Ainsdale Methodist Church has a strict no smoking, no gambling and no alcohol policy covering all of their premises.

  • The smallest room we have can accommodate a meeting of 8 to 10 people.
  • The next size room can accommodate a meeting of 12 to 14 people.
  • We have a small hall which is suitable for gatherings of up to 50 people.
  • The large hall will cater for a maximum of 150 people.

Tables and chairs are available for use in all rooms. We also have a catering standard kitchen where tea and coffee or lightmeals can be prepared. The preparation of refreshments, if required, is the responsibility of the group making the booking.

The building has disabled access to all the rooms offered for hire. Toilet facilities, including disabled, are provided in the building.

For further details including availability, hire charges and terms and conditions please contact Gordon Jackson on: 01704 578362. jacksongfw@aol.com

Main Hall
Small Hall
Chapel Café
Fully Equiped Kitchen



The Garden of Remembrance at Ainsdale was dedicated at Easter 1999. The purpose of the Garden is to provide a focal point in Ainsdale for the ashes of loved ones to be scattered *  The Garden is set in a quiet and peaceful location and provides opportunity to lay flowers and visit at appropriate times.

Ashes are usually placed in the ground during a short service and although the Church Council made a decision not to use name plaques to mark the location of loved ones however granite stones can be placed in the ground as a personal marker.

Many people also choose to put shrubs or plants around the area around which their loved ones are placed.

The amount of time between a cremation and ashes being scattered is a very personal thing and is different in every situation. Usually it is done in the period between a month and a year following cremation but there are no hard and fast rules.

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