Sunday 4th October 2020

Service time at Ainsdale Methodist Church

10.45, Sunday 4th October – Lesley Goddard, Local Preacher.

Circuit Online Service this week 11am

This week’s service will celebrate Harvest and will be led by Rev Patrick Evans.

A Harvest Prayer

God of empty ground, and prepared soil,
help us to give our lives to serve you.

God of grains and pods and seeds,
plant in us a desire to follow you.

God of rain and sunshine,
help us to grow in you.

God of full fields and ripe crops,
may we be full of your life and love,

God of the harvest fields,
help us to share you with others.


Lectionary Readings – Sunday 4th October 2020

Isaiah 5.1-7; Psalm 80.7-15; Philippians 3.4b-14; Matthew 21.33-46

Forthcoming Services

Sunday 11th October 10.45am – Local Arrangement

Sunday 18th October 10.45am – Rev Patrick Evans, Pastoral Visitors Dedication.

Sunday 25th October 10.45am – Cynthia May


A Note from Cynthia

A very big ‘Thank You’ from Cynthia for the lovely church flowers. They really cheered me up.

Thank you too for supporting ‘Jam Aid!’ I hope you enjoy the jam.

Anything left will be removed after Sundays service.

There will be marmalade and some different jam later in October.

Don’t forget to recycle your empty jars. Just leave them in the porch for collection.

Thanks again


Church Council

The Church Council was held this week.  Of particular note are the following:-

Appointments – Jan Holmes, having completed more than her six year term as Church Council Secretary, has decided to retire from that position.  We thank Jan for all she has done in this role.  Jane Maude has volunteered to become Church Council Secretary, and in turn has decided to retire as Treasurer after completing a number of six year terms.  We thank Jane for fulfilling the Treasurer role for all these years.  Peter Musker has volunteered to be the Treasurer; Church Council also decided that it is appropriate to use Sefton CVS (Council for Voluntary Services) to provide a bookkeeping service in order to reduce the burden of the Treasurer role.  There will need to be a short transition period for these appointments and your forbearance during this time is appreciated.  I am sure you will join with me in holding Jan, Jane and Peter in your prayers.  

Ainsdale Lunch & Leisure – Trustee Gill Hemmings reported that the current proposal is to open at the beginning of November with a ‘meals out’ service, followed shortly after by a ‘meals in’ service initially 2 days a week with activities in the hall in the morning on those days. All this will be subject to the government guidelines in place at the time. These proposals along with the funding Rebecca, ALL Manager has secured should mean ALL is safe until the end of the financial year. Funding is now being sought for the next year. Our AGM this year will be on Tuesday 24th November – further details nearer the time.

General Church Meeting – It did not prove possible to hold our general meeting before the end of the connexional year in August.  We plan to hold the meeting in the main hall on Wednesday 11th November at 2pm.  Details to follow.

Circuit Review – The Circuit is inviting each church to consider it’s future life through a review process to be conducted during this connexional year, with facilitated support from the District.  This review will look at the history of the church (why did there come to be a Methodist Church in Ainsdale), consulting with our current congregation, consulting with the community, and reviewing our worship.  It is hoped this will allow each church to consider its future and the resources it may need to fulfill its mission.  At the same time the Methodist Connexion are encouraging all circuits to reduce the number and therefore the burden of trustee bodies, by perhaps having one trustee body for the Circuit (i.e. the Circuit Meeting), or churches coming together to have one church council for a number of locations.  For this, there will be a representative from each church forming a working party across the Circuit to coordinate the Circuit Review.  More details will follow as the year unfolds.  The Church Council welcomed the approach of the Circuit and the process being offered.         

Taketime Together 5 Week Introductory Course

Join us on a five week journey to discover the power of Christian mindfulness meditation.

Taketime meditations use your imagination to provide a calm, comfortable space in which to meet God through encountering Jesus in the Gospels and find peace.

All are welcomed to enjoy these meditations, which are intentionally inclusive, non-directive and experiential.

No faith background or knowledge is needed to attend, enjoy and benefit from this Taketime introduction.

When: Tuesday evenings between 19.00-19.45;

or Wednesday  Afternoons 14.00-14.45

Where:on Zoom (link will be given )

From: Tuesday 13th October and Wednesday 14th October

Please contact Sally Eyes on 07743660155 for more details or to register for this course

Bible Study

The bible study group is on Tuesdays at 10.30am. Everyone is welcome so feel free to drop in any week.

You can join via the internet at or by phone on one of the following numbers (0203 481 5237, 0203 481 5240, 0208 080 6591, 0208 080 6592, 0330 088 5830, 0131 460 1196).  If phoning in, you will ask for the Meeting ID – key in “93783730691#”, it will then ask for your participant number and there isn’t one so just press “#” again and wait a few moments to be admitted into the meeting.


Coffee after Church

Join the congregations of Ainsdale & Liverpool Road Methodist Churches for a virtual coffee after the online service from 12 noon each Sunday at


Church Notices

If you have any items you want including in the notices for the next week, please let Lucy Lloyd-Disley know by Tuesday 6th October on 07484 608675 or



Dear Friends

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. (Psalm 118 vs 1).

As with many of the Psalms there is praise and delight for the goodness of God, although getting to this realisation is often only reached in the midst of hardship and seemingly unnavigable challenges.  The whole of Psalm 118 testifies to this.

The lectionary readings in recent weeks have focused on the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem and the challenge this posed to the authority of the chief priests and elders.  This week’s reading is the Parable of the Tenants (Matthew Ch 21 vs 33-46), in which the tenant farmers refuse to accept their relationship with the landowner and kill those who are sent to collect the landowners share of the harvest; first his servants and then his son.  The tenants turn their back on the relationship with the landowner, without whom they would not have the land upon which to grow produce to sustain them through the year.  The system only works if they give a share to the landowner, recognising his authority and contribution to what they have.  As an aside, the parable is also interesting reading around this harvest season, helping us to recognise God’s gift of creation that we need to sustain ourselves.

Jesus is speaking of humankind’s relationship with God, and himself as God’s son, and reinforces this by quoting from the Psalms:

‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvellous in our eyes’ (Psalm 118 vs 22-23 & Matthew Ch 21 vs 42b).

During the times when we are challenged, it is easy for us to personally reject God and cease to recognise his reign and sovereignty over all the earth.  We can reject Jesus as King, although if we do, we do so in vain, for he has already become the cornerstone of the temple that is our relationship with God.  If we reject him as the cornerstone of our lives then the very foundation of our being is weakened, and we miss out on a God who wants to be in relationship with is, carrying us through the tough days, and walking beside us in the better times.  

I am praying that through the challenges you are facing, you will know Jesus as the cornerstone of your life, and through it all you will be able to say:

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. (Psalm 118 vs 29).

God bless



With Sunday approaching I am reminding us of the services available via the Methodist Church online, as well as some others on TV & Radio.  Please see below

Online Circuit Service – Sunday 11.00am

The link to our services is This week’s service will celebrate Harvest and will be led by Rev Patrick Evans.

You can listen to a recording of our weekly online Circuit Service via your telephone by calling 01704 335755.  Calls will be charged as a local rate call via landlines, although costs will vary for mobile users.  Services are typically up to 50 minutes long.  You can listen to the service from 11am each Sunday, up until the following Sunday. 

On a general note you can link to the Circuit website at and the Circuit Youtube channel at                                                    

How can I get involved?…If in future weeks you would be able to record yourself reading the bible, sharing some testimony, singing or playing music etc, or writing a prayer or sharing a photo, or have any other ideas, please let Patrick know on 07813 211501 or at

Other worship resources and on line services from the Methodist Church can be found at


BBC Local Radio (incl Radio Merseyside)

At 8.00 am this Sunday, all 39 BBC local radio stations will be joining together for worship.


BBC Radio 4

Sunday 8.10am – Sunday Worship – Song of the Prophets

This Black History Month the service explores the theme that Black Lives Matter everywhere through the lens of climate injustice, poverty and inequality around the world. Leader: Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, CEO of Christian Aid which is marking its 75th anniversary year; Preacher: Professor Robert Beckford with reflections by Bob Kikuyu (Kenya), and Solomon Woldetsadik (Ethiopia). Prayers: Dionne Gravesande. Readings: Colossians 1:15-20, Romans 8:18-25. Producer: Andrew Earis.


Sunday 2pm Songs of Praise – Kate’s Faith Journey

The Rev Kate Bottley goes on a very personal journey across Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire to share the story of her Christian faith through the people, places and music that have shaped and inspired her.

Kate begins by returning for the first time to the church in Sheffield where she was baptised as a baby. She shares her firm belief that God had his hand on her life from that point on, even though faith was not part of her childhood and it would be years before she set foot in a church again. She then meets the school friend who first invited her to a church youth club, and together they recall the day a teenage Kate became a Christian and decided to share her excitement with the whole school!

Back at her old university in Leeds, Kate gets her boots on to meet up with her old rugby teammates and reflects on the friendships forged on the pitch and in the chapel. She then travels to the beautiful Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire. It was here Kate was ordained as a priest 11 years ago, and she reflects on her calling to the priesthood and discovers what she was really like a young curate when she meets up with the priest in charge of her first parish.

And we discover how a surprise dance routine at a wedding where Kate was officiating turned into a viral video and changed Kate’s life completely. It was the moment that began the newest chapter in Kate’s faith journey, in the world of television and radio. As we go behind the scenes at BBC Radio 2, Kate reflects on the experiences of the last few years, hearing other people’s faith stories and striving to share the love of God over the airwaves.

With favourite hymns and songs all chosen by Kate for the special meaning they hold for her family and her ministry.

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