Sunday 20th September 2020

Service time at Ainsdale Methodist Church

10.45, Sunday 20th September

Circuit Online Service this week 11am This weeks Circuit Online Service will include the opportunity for Pastoral Visitors to receive their annual commissioning


Prayerful Reflection

Dear Lord

Remind me,                                                                                                   

when I get cynical and lose my faith in goodness,

there are still friends who care,

no matter what.


Remind me,

when I get bitter and turn in on myself,

that there are still friends who turn outwards to others,

no matter what.


Remind me,

when I get selfish and no one matters but me,

that there are still friends who put others first,

no matter what.


Remind me,

when I get too busy and fail to look around me,

that there are still friends who have time to love,

no matter what.


Remind me,

when I get weary with well-doing and give up trying,

that there are still friends who never stop,

no matter what.




Lectionary Readings – Sunday 20th September 2020

Jonah 3.10-4.11; Psalm 145.1-8; Philippians 1.21-30; Matthew 20.1-16


Forthcoming Services

Sunday 27th September 10.45am – Brian Davey, Worship Leader, Harvest Festival




Pastoral Visitors Dedication Service

In a few weeks time we will have the annual commissioning of our Pastoral Visitors at our 10.45am Sunday Service (date to be confirmed).  For those unable to attend in person, you will be able to be commissioned via the Circuit Online service this Sunday at 11am, and available online thereafter.


Jam Aid’ Supporting the Foodbank.

Jam will be available in the porch on Harvest Sunday 27th September.

There will be an empty jar to put donations in towards the Foodbank. 

In order to keep everyone safe, the display will have been in the porch for at least 72 hours prior to the Sunday. All the jars will have been cleaned and sanitizer will be available.( Please bring any empty jars, there will be a box available).

 Don’t forget to make a nice socially distanced queue! 

There will be a list of what will be available in next Sunday’s notices! Thank you for your support.



The Bereavement Journey

We are exploring running this valuable course once again from the end of this month. If you or anyone you know of has been recently (or not so recently) bereaved and feel you or they would benefit from this alongside a small group please contact Sally Eyes on 07743660155 or by email to for further details. The course is six sessions long (one per week). Limited places are available. Please register your interest promptly.


Church Council – Please note change of week

The next Church Council is now on Wednesday 30th September at 7pm (apologies for the change).  It is open to everyone to attend although only Church Council members are eligible to vote.  Feel free to join us via Zoom at  You can also join phone on one of the following numbers (0330 088 5830, 0131 460 1196, 0203 481 5237 0r 0203 481 5240).  If phoning in, you will ask for the Meeting ID – key in “91292069772#”, it will then ask for your participant number and there isn’t one so just press “#” again and wait a few moments to be admitted into the meeting.


Flu Vaccinations

Many will be having flu vaccinations over the coming weeks and months.  If your GP is from Ainsdale Medical Centre then your flu jab will be at Ainsdale Methodist Church.  We have been asked to share a video so that people know what to expect on the day and can be assured of the provisions that Ainsdale Medical Centre have in place for the vaccinations.  You can view the video at


Bible Study

The bible study group started on the books of 1 Peter and 2 Peter this week.  It was great to have some new faces as well as the familiar ones.  Everyone is welcome so feel free to drop in any week.


You can join via the internet at or by phone on one of the following numbers (0203 481 5237, 0203 481 5240, 0208 080 6591, 0208 080 6592, 0330 088 5830, 0131 460 1196).  If phoning in, you will ask for the Meeting ID – key in “93783730691#”, it will then ask for your participant number and there isn’t one so just press “#” again and wait a few moments to be admitted into the meeting.



Coffee after Church

Join the congregations of Ainsdale & Liverpool Road Methodist Churches for a virtual coffee after the online service from 11.45 each Sunday at

Church Notices

If you have any items you want including in the notices for the next week, please let Lucy Lloyd-Disley know by Tuesday 22nd September on 07484 608675 or


Dear Friends

A friend was telling me how there had been some tensions in their workplace as people began to return to work from furlough versus those who had worked throughout the spring and summer. The Company had been generous and topped up the earnings of those furloughed from 80 to 100%. So some people, through no fault of their own, had experienced many months off with full pay, whilst others, because of the nature of the work they did, had continued to work throughout lockdown.

The set reading for this week has some similar parallels. It is Matthew Ch 20 vs 1-16, The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. This is where those hired at the start of the day are paid the same as those hired at the end of the day; they all receive a full days work. The issue of course isn’t with those hired at the end of the day, it is with those hired earlier in the day, who have known the security, to whom the owner of the vineyard on hearing their grumbles says, “are you envious because I am generous?”. This parable was offered by Jesus just after he had said, “many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”

In our humanness we seem to have to create a pecking order, it perhaps helps us to make sense of things, especially our position (and associated status). As a nation at the time, there is much debate about the fallout that the pandemic will have on the economy, because this truly affects people’s lives, and we fear this will fall disproportionately on the young and this has the potential to exacerbate divisions. A sense of unity and wholeness is required so that all, regardless of their particular circumstance when the pandemic hit, can be safeguarded.

And so we come back to the Kingdom of God; a God whose generosity of grace is equal for all regardless of their status or when they became aware of the grave for themselves. How can we as individual Christians at this time and a Christian community in this place, be generous with all we have, in light of the eternal grace we have all received?

God bless



With Sunday approaching I am reminding us of the services available via the Methodist Church online, as well as some others on TV & Radio.  Please see below.

Online Circuit Service – Sunday 11.00am

The link to our services is This week our service is led by Revd Patrick Evans and will include the opportunity for Pastoral Visitors who are unable to attend a service in a church building, to receive their annual commission as a Pastoral Visitor.  


You can listen to a recording of our weekly online Circuit Service via your telephone by calling 01704 335755.  Calls will be charged as a local rate call via landlines, although costs will vary for mobile users.  Services are typically up to 50 minutes long.  You can listen to the service from 11am each Sunday, up until the following Sunday.                  

On a general note you can link to the Circuit website at and the Circuit Youtube channel at                                                 

How can I get involved?…If in future weeks you would be able to record yourself reading the bible, sharing some testimony, singing or playing music etc, or writing a prayer or sharing a photo, or have any other ideas, please let me know on 07813 211501 or at

Other worship resources and on line services from the Methodist Church can be found at

BBC Local Radio (incl Radio Merseyside)

At 8.00 am this Sunday, all 39 BBC local radio stations will be joining together for worship.

BBC Radio 4

Sunday 8.10am – Sunday Worship – Where shall we put our trust?

At a time of enormous uncertainty with so much that was familiar swept away, many people are worried, apprehensive about what will happen to individuals, communities and nations as the result of Covid 19 and about the possibility of environmental catastrophe. In what for large numbers of people is an atmosphere full of fear, Father Brian D’Arcy asks where we can put our trust.


Sunday 1.15pm Songs of Praise – Harvest in Saddleworth

Rev Kate Bottley marks Harvest by visiting a Christian-run farm in Saddleworth, on the Yorkshire Lancashire border. She meets curate Aaron Moffat-Jackman and his wife Gemma, who quite literally tend to their flock – they have sheep on a field next to their church and use their farm to educate others about looking after God’s creation.

In her first appearance on Songs of Praise as a presenter, Katie Piper visits a farm in Carmarthenshire to meet Eileen Davis, an archdeacon in the church in Wales who has been inspired by her faith to set up a helpline for other farmers who are finding it difficult to cope.

In the urban district of Trafford in Manchester, Rev John Hughes explains how his church has become a hub for green-fingered enthusiasts who are growing their own food and as a result are making friends which cross faith boundaries.

Hymns and songs from across the country reflect the Harvest theme, including several from The Priory, Little Wymondley in Hertfordshire, recorded before lockdown.

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