Lectionary Readings Sunday 16th May


Acts 1.15-17,21-26; Psalm 1; 1 John 5.9-13; John 17.6-19



Lord of Hosts, purify our hearts that the King of Glory may come in, even your Son, Jesus our Redeemer; for he is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, now and for ever. Amen.


Coffee after Church

11.45am every Sunday

Join the congregations of Ainsdale & Liverpool Road Methodist Churches for a virtual coffee after the online service 11.45am


Christian Aid

You can see the CTiA service for Christian Aid Week at:


Bible Study

The Bible Study Group continues to meet every Tuesday at 10.30am via Zoom.


Church Review

An important part of the Church Review is feedback to the congregation from each element ahead of the compilation of the final report and proposals which will be presented to the Church and also to the Circuit Meeting in the autumn.

Our feedback meetings are planned as follows:

2 June: The Historical Perspective

16 June: The Local Community

30 June: Church Survey

These will all be at 10.30am  – venue to be confirmed.


Return to Services

We are pleased to confirm that we will be re-opening church for

worship on Sunday 23rd May.  The Circuit has produced a Plan starting

on the 6th June but in the interim we will have Local Arrangement

 services on 23rd and 31st May.  Lesley Goddard will lead Pentecost worship on the 23rd.


We will be following the same Coronavirus guidelines used when we were

open in the autumn and a summary of these will be included in next

weeks notices.  At present we will not be offering refreshments after

the service – our priority is to get back to worshipping together.


Church in the Garden

Wednesday 19th May at 10.00am

From Monday 17th May restrictions will be relaxed allowing 30 people to meet outdoors. This will offer the opportunity for the Wednesday morning prayer meeting to re-start in the pleasant surroundings of the anniversary garden at the rear of the church. Social distancing will still be maintained in the seating, people from the same social bubble will be able to sit together.

The service will last for approximately 30 minutes and all are welcome to come along and join in and afterwards enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Those attending should enter the garden via the gate at the memorial garden side of the church, for anyone who may have difficulty accessing the garden this way, access via the main hall will be available.

Francis Collins is an American physician-geneticist noted for his landmark discoveries of disease genes , and his visionary leadership of the Human Genome Project . Today scientists can sequence a human genome in a day and such fast human genome sequencing allows physicians to make quick diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

In an interview by Nicky Gumbel with Francis he shares his story ;

As a third year medical student studying diseases he sat at the bedside of many people . A bedridden lady shared her faith with him and asked him his beliefs. He realised he had no answer . This took him on a two year journey to discover who God was and the question was answered. In his work as a scientist he hasn’t found a conflict with science and faith but believes they are in harmony . He speaks of the joy of being a scientist and a believer, so a moment of discovery is a moment of awe.

Throughout this tragic year of the pandemic the science gives us understanding but prayer plays a large part and we are thankful for answers such as the amazing vaccine programme. He says through Covid 19 every decision has potential for saving lives and scientists need God’s help. He reads his Bible every morning and speaks of the significance of Psalm 46 “ God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble “ so relevant and to all of the coronavirus challenges.

What stands out for me in his story is that the faith of sick lady (who felt she couldn’t contribute anything ) encouraged a young Francis Collins to put his trust in Jesus. How powerful was this conversation, as to this day his faith remains strong and compliments his work . Be encouraged that our conversations can encourage others searching for purpose, love, and belonging in their lives .



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